Boston University's Nickerson Field

Nickerson Field is a multi-use athletic field on the campus of Boston University. The field is currently used mainly by B.U.'s lacrosse and soccer teams. It was host to the university's football team until the football program was discontinued in 1997. Nickerson Field is also annually home to the University's commencement ceremony.

Braves FieldEdit

Nickerson Field is built on the former site of Braves Field, home of the Boston Braves baseball team until 1952, when the team moved to Milwaukee. There was also a National Football League Franchise called the Boston Braves that played at Braves Field for one year in 1932 before changing its name to the Redskins the next year and moving to Fenway Park. There is a plaque outside the current Nickerson Field which marks the spot where home plate was located in the old Braves Field.


The scoreboard at Nickerson Field, in its present soccer configuration